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April 28th memo

posted Apr 28, 2016, 4:49 AM by Fred Robertson   [ updated Apr 28, 2016, 4:49 AM ]

1. There will be a SCHOOL CLOSEOUT on Friday, April 29. Classes will resume on Monday, May 2 and it will be Day 13 on the school calendar.

2. Parents/Guardians are reminded to REDUCE SPEEDS AROUND SCHOOL when dropping children off and picking them up. When picking up your child, next to the main office, please park in Parking Lot, do not block road way.

3. Students are “NOT PERMITTED” to bring the following items to school: peanut butter, fish, eggs, sesame seeds due to students having allergies.               

4. Congratulations to all the HERITAGE FAIR STUDENTS who participated, the following winners are as follows:

Grade 5:

1st PLACE:            Trinity Bennett (Grade Five)

2ndPLACE:            Brooklyn Barter (Grade Five)

3rd PLACE:            Aaron Blackwood-Marche/Kaitlyn Blanchard (Grade Five)

Grade 6:

1st PLACE:            Carter Brake (Grade Six)

2nd PLACE:           Jillian Duffenais (Grade Six)

3rd PLACE:            Emma Bourgeois (Grade Six)

Grade 7:

1st PLACE:            Samantha Trask (Grade Seven)

2nd PLACE:           Sara Strickland (Grade Seven)

3rd PLACE:            Andon Young (Grade Seven)

Grade 8:

1ST PLACE:           Jessica Hulan (Grade Eight)

2nd PLACE:           Brayden McLean (Grade Eight)

3rd PLACE:            Jacob Pollard/Tyra Nolan (Grade Eight)

5. The following students will be going to the REGIONAL HERITAGE FAIR in Corner Brook as follows:                

Samantha Trask (Grade Seven)

Sara Strickland (Grade Seven)

Jessica Hulan (Grade Eight)

Brayden McLean (Grade Eight)

6.Thank you to all the JUDGES who participated in the Heritage Fair.