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posted Jan 29, 2016, 4:38 AM by Fred Robertson


January 22 & 29, 2016


1.         MIDTERM EXAMS will begin on January 27, Wednesday through Friday, January 29. In the event that school is closed due to weather, the exam scheduled for that day will be rescheduled the next day students return to school. Exam schedule is as follows for Grade 7 & Grade 8:

            January 27, Wednesday (Language Arts)

            January 28, Thursday (Science)

            January 29, Friday (Math)           

2.            Just a reminder to parents that you are NOT PERMITTED TO PARK IN THE HANDICAPPED AREA unless you have a sticker.  


3.            The” NEW SCHOOL WEBSITE” is available at:


you will find lots of information about the school, a calendar of upcoming events and electronic copies of any announcement of the site.



4.            Students are “NOT PERMITTED” to bring the following items to school: peanut butter, fish, eggs, sesame seeds due to students having allergies.


5.            Parents/Guardians are reminded to REDUCE SPEEDS AROUND SCHOOL when dropping children off and picking them up.

6.            Remember to check our news on Twitter @StMNews1