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Nov 20th Newsletter

posted Nov 20, 2015, 4:45 AM by Fred Robertson

1.           Just a reminder to parents that you are NOT PERMITTED TO PARK IN THE HANDICAPPED AREA unless you have a sticker.

2.            PARENT/TEACHER INTERVIEWS will be held on December 3. Parents are encouraged to attend and students will be dismissed at 12:05pm. Information regarding parent/teacher interview times will be arranged in the coming weeks.

3.            As the TEMPERATURES ARE COOLING AND WINTER IS NEAR, we ask that parents remind their children to dress appropriately since children will still go outside during 2nd half lunch when possible.

4.            Please provide EATING UTENSILS with your child’s lunch as they are not provided by the school.

5.            We are SELLING TICKETS on a 5 FOOT Musical/Light-up Santa. Tickets are $1.00 each and all monies raised go directly to student activities. Thank you for supporting our fundraiser.

6.            The” NEW SCHOOL WEBSITE” is available at:

http://sme.nlesdonline.ca  you will find lots of information about the school, a calendar of upcoming events and electronic copies of any announcement of the site.


7.            Students are “NOT PERMITTED” to bring the following items to school: peanut butter, fish, eggs, sesame seeds due to students having allergies.

8.            AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS is taking place on Monday’s and Wednesday’s until 3:45pm for students in grades 5 – 8. First sport will be volleyball.

9.            There will also be AFTER SCHOOL BASKETBALL for grades 4-5 on Thursday’s until 3:45pm.